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Diagnosing the Insecure

This scene from Walt Disney's "The Aristocats" gets me every time:

Arrogance in leadership is common. Insecurity in leadership is epidemic. And outside the world of Disney cartoons, insecurity is not so humorous.

An insecure leader is easy to diagnose.

Too much explaining and talking. Self-defense. Non-stop excuses. They hold grudges. They stake out their territory. The insecure leader protects her image. He micro-manages and meddles. They have their fingerprints on every project and must be carbon copied with every decision. There is an insistence to lead from the front and that front position will be protected. Often times at any cost.

It can become a sad state.

And insecurity is a contagion.

Insecurity breeds insecurity. Sometimes it spreads like a fire. Sometimes it spreads like a fungus. But the insecurity will spread.

So recognize it. Learn to navigate it in your environment.

And check to see if you're acting like an insecure leader.

The cure for insecurity? A shot of humility and a strong dose of vulnerability, followed by a long regimen of listening is a great start.