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The Endless Cycle Of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Self-fulfilling prophecies are not that unusual. In fact, they are quite common.

It's not that we're oracles or witchdoctors. We're human. And humans work this way.

  1. I have a belief about myself.

  2. My belief about myself causes me to act in certain ways toward others.

  3. My actions toward others shape the way others act toward me.

  4. The way others act toward to me affirms my beliefs about myself.

And the beat goes on.

The weird thing is, I rarely know or understand the causation (my beliefs about myself) and assume that people are treating me in a certain way because there's something wrong with me. Or because people are mean.

Sure. Sometimes people are mean. Sometimes I do have personal issues to deal with.

Where do you need to change your narrative?

You are not worthless and incapable.

Your marriage is not unsaveable.

You are not unloveable or unlikeable.

You are creative and you can learn.

So, learn to say yes.

And learn to say no.

Instead of saying "no" to a new, exciting, creative endeavor because you feel like you can't, why not consider (at least consider) saying, "Yes, I want to change my life. I want to change my community. I want to change my world."

Instead of saying "yes" to one more assigned task that sucks the life out of you and deadens the soul, say, "No more. I'm done. this is not for me. I'm made for something better."

You are capable of far more than you think.

Change your narrative and give yourself a chance.