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What To Do When You're Lost In The Forest

If you lack a keen sense of direction, it’s difficult to trust your intuition when you’re lost in the forest.

So, if at all possible, I usually don't.

I need solid tools. A compass. A GPS. A marked path. Solid landmarks. There's a mountain over there. A lake over there.

I have a terrible sense of direction. I need tools. Along with the tools, I also need a system. I drive to the store the same way every time because once I've learned that way, I know it works.

Renee' and I discovered this difference between the two of us early in our life together.

I have a terrible sense of direction and rely on tools and systems. She has a fantastic sense of direction and relies a lot more on intuition. She's happy to discover a different route and to look for a newer, faster, more efficient way to get to the destination.

When I'm lost, I look for a tool and system.

When she's lost, she relies a lot on intuition.

In the more ambiguous times of life — a job change, a career change, a move, a change in family dynamics — there are times when you need to develop new tools and systems, while simultaneously trusting your instincts.

Systems and tools are critical. And you're also smarter than you think.

(For the record: Renee' has never been lost in a forest. But we could tell you about that time we were in Amarillo...)