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Technology Enables

Yes, we’ve heard all the warnings about our smartphones making us dumber (they most likely are). How our always-on, screen-driven world is going to kill our humanity (they kind of do). The robots are coming. (They already have).

In most restaurants, everyone in the party of seven is on their phones.

We photograph our moments (I do). We post our moments online. Sometimes we wonder why no one likes or shares our moments. Mainstream technology from the past 10 years has enabled narcissists and predators (and we could spiral dive into a black hole of Internet/smartphone-enabled darkness).

Of course, there’s a very real bright side to it all.

Anyone with a smartphone can now make music or movies or create beautiful photography. We can organize our days and plan projects and run businesses. I am writing a book using a mobile device. I am writing and publishing this blog post using my phone. You can write a book with your phone if you want. Technology enables medicine, health, productivity, education, the creative arts, architecture, transportation, law enforcement, home security, and so much more. I am writing more, reading more, traveling more, doing more of the things I love - because technology enables it.

Neil Postman gave a wise and prophetic warning at the front end of the current revolution we are experiencing.

One characteristic of those who live in a Technopoly is that they are largely unaware of both the origins and the effects of their technologies.
— Neil Postman
Made on iPhone

Made on iPhone

So be aware.

Here’s what I think is important to remember:
Technology is neither good nor evil.
It is an amoral force with consequences.
And it’s here to stay.

We can either live with it or live through it.

One is far more dangerous than the other.