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What if Van Gogh Had an iPhone?

Of maybe he would have been an Android/Samsung guy? 

What if Van Gogh had a smartphone of any kind? 

How would our world be different today? 

Van Gogh moved to Paris, then on to Arles, France. It was here that he was introduced to the sunflower. It captured his attention and imagination. 

He noticed things. Textures. Colors. Natural things. He painted them. Van Gogh spent hundreds of hours painting self-portraits and landscapes and still life. 

But what if all of that time and all of that attention were focused on something else? Like Instagram. What if someone had introduced Van Gogh with a technology that had the ability to take realistic still life photographs, send a letter, and play Candy Crush? 


There would be no “Starry Night” or “Sunflowers” — and worse — an entire genre of art might very well be lost. 

So, what if you didn’t have an iPhone? 

What if you didn’t have the distractions? 

What if you allowed yourself to get bored enough to think. To really think. To observe. To make. 

How will the world be a better place because your time, focus, and energy is moving toward something different? Something beautiful? Something world-changing?