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Disparate Dots

It was one of those invigorating conversations between colleagues.

We were answering the question of value - particularly as related to our work. What is the value we bring to our clients?

It has to do with connecting dots.

This is not original and I don’t know the point of origin for this idea. (If a reader knows, message me so I can give proper attribution.)

But our entire education system is set up for dot collection. We’re given big dot baskets so we can gather as many dots as possible - dumping them into larger crates, creating massive dot warehouses to store all of our dots.

The problem is that collecting dots is not the most valuable thing.

The most valuable thing is connecting dots.

So be a dot connector.

Dot collectors see a problem with marketing and difficulty with personal productivity as isolated issues and try to solve for two problems.

Dot connectors find interdependent relationships and innovate an integrated solution for both.

My job is to help clients connect disparate dots.