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Laws of Attraction and Inertia

We’ve seen them at work. Like dogs chasing cars. The cold-callers. The used car guy yelling at us on late night TV (why do they always yell?). Lawyers on billboards and the awkward Starbucks guy. The guy who follows you into the bathroom to sell DVDs while at the urinal (that actually happened to me about 10 years ago).

What do we learn from them?

The laws of attraction are more powerful than the laws of inertia. Chasing clients and customers means constant energy on top of energy - and very few real relationships at the end of the day. Attracting clients and customers means value-creation, service, and social proof.

How do you create value every day?

Then create it.

Rather than making cold-call, direct ask, smarmy sales tactics, build relationships through asking questions.

What’s lighting your fire today?
What are you most concerned about this week?
Tell me about some of the most important lessons you’re learning right now?

Conversation, trust, and value provision. That’s the kind of person people want to work with.

Chasing is rarely effective and always exhausting.

Attraction is better.