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Michelangelo’s Paint Brush

What kind of laptop did JK Rowling use to write Harry Potter?
What kind of shoes does LeBron wear?
Which cafe in Paris was Hemingway’s hangout?
What was Steve Job’s morning routine?
What if I played the same kind of guitar Eric Clapton played?
What about Michelangelo’s paintbrush?

It’s funny how much material there is on the Internet related to these kinds of questions. They do not matter.

But we Google it anyway.

There’s a part of us that thinks, "If I could use the same tools that this famous and accomplished person used, I too can have a piece of what they have." With Michelangelo’s paintbrush, my version of the Sistine Chapel will become reality.

Tools are important. But professionals don’t obsess about tools. Eric Clapton might play a $5000 custom Strat, but he could make my $80 Hondo classical with old strings sing.

Because professionals are not as concerned about the tools as they are about time.

Time for deliberate practice.
Time to write the words.
Time to play the scales.
Time to think and solve complex problems.

Time is more important than tools.

Do you schedule like a pro? Or obsess like an amateur?

With time, a paint set from Michael’s will produce the same art as Michelangelo’s paintbrush - if in the hands of a professional.