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Acidic Leadership

Hydrofluoric acid is deceptive and corrosive.
If you pour a small amount on your hand before going to bed, it will literally burn a hole through skin and muscle and bone overnight. When you wake up in the morning you have a hole in your hand - and might never knew it. The stuff attacks the nervous system. You don’t feel a thing.

Deceptive and corrosive.

Yet, it’s a highly useful substance in laboratory settings and for making things like Teflon. Hydrofluoric acid isn’t evil. It has affect and effect. There are warning signs all over the containers.

Wield with caution.
Use for good and not destruction.

The power of leadership is deceptive and corrosive.
It’s possible to gain a little bit of power and brandish it in ways that cut down everyone else around you - while you obliviously go about your day. People have holes in their hands (or their heads or their hearts) because of a leader’s use of power. The person with power is completely oblivious.

Here’s the difference between hydrofluoric acid and the power of leadership.

You are kept safe from acid with warning labels, gas masks, and protective clothing.

You are kept safe from the corruption of your own power when you give power away.

In fact, giving away power makes you more powerful, but less corrosive.

And that’s a good thing.