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You Only Get Stronger In Recovery

Ultra-marathoning, powerlifting, and mountain climbing each show the incredible capacity of human beings. We are capable of some incredible achievements.

But we are human. We are not superhumans. We are not bionic robots. We are not cyborgs.

Humans. Flesh and bone, blood and water.

Humans have limits. Our physical capacity is finite ā€” even though we are capable of ridiculous feats of strength, endurance, and determination.

The human body and the human brain must rest. Constant movement, constant exertion, the constant pushing of limits is not sustainable for any human.

This is as true for runners and mountain climbers as it is for software developers and CEOs.

You are capable of much. But there must be a proper balance of stress and recovery. Of course, all recovery with no stress will accomplish nothing. This is not a problem for most of the people in my world.

All stress with no recovery is a much bigger dilemma. This is unsustainable and can kill you. Literally and figuratively. Recovery is essential. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Lifting copious weight makes you weaker. Not stronger.

At first.