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Curating April 1st Innovations (and you’re not going to believe what happens at the end …)

I consider myself a curator of information. It’s what I do for clients. In many respects, it’s what I do here.

Today, I thought I would let you know a few interesting things happening around the Internet.

  1. According to Seth’s blog this morning, Comcast has done it again. It’s incredible what this company thinks they can get away with. Bring back Net neutrality. Please.
  2. While on telecommunication companies - apparently T-Mobile thinks it’s a great idea to innovate the phone booth. They say, “Say goodbye to noisy chaos and step right into a quiet, temperature-controlled space complete with walls and windows. You can also use the app to find and reserve a BoothE nearest your location when on the move.” I look forward to seeing the fuchsia beauties in cities all over the country. Will they make it into a new Superman movie?
  3. Shutterstock is stepping away from their digital heritage and opening up their first brick and mortar stock photo library. Shouldn’t they just call that “ShutterStacks”?
  4. Speaking of stepping away from tradition, the company “Hello Fresh” — who typically brings farm fresh food to your doorstep — has created a “Unicorn Box”. I mean, they say it’s actual unicorn food. But it looks mostly like a tricky way to sell expensive candy to me.
  5. Finally (and this is a big finally) tech leviathan Google has innovated once again by adding, “Play Snakes” feature to its popular maps app. You choose a destination city and are then given an appropriate mode of transportation to snake around the city, picking up as many passengers as possible. Thanks, Google for a bit of retro fun.

Wow. April 1, 2019, has turned out to be a big day in the tech world.

Wait a minute …