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The ROI On Gratitude

I read a surprising yet telling statistic this week.

79% of people who leave their job leave because they do not feel appreciated.

Unemployment in America is at an all-time low right now. Employers, particularly employers in the food and service industries, have a difficult time keeping staff. Even high-level employees are often looking for greener pastures. Don’t believe me? Ask some of the people I know who work in the career change industry. It happens.

Employee retention is an important issue in this day and age. It should be — losing people costs time and money.

And apparently, most people leave their job because they feel under-appreciated.

There’s blatant under-appreciation.
A boss or a colleague taking credit for your work. Assumptions that you’ll sacrifice your life and your family on the company alter.

But under-appreciation is usually not so flagrant.

People often leave their job because no one even bothered to say “thank you.”

Thank you is simple, cheap. And easy.
And might be what is needed to retain your staff.

Turning over staff is an expensive endeavor.

Gratitude might actually save you money.