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The Right Kind of Growth

I am in the business of helping organizations grow.
But scale is more than bigger, better, faster.

And not all growth is good.

If I help you double, triple, or quadruple your output, skyrocketing your KPIs, but do it in such a way that requires you to work 75 hours per week — that’s not scale. It’s not sustainable.

I walked by this wheat field yesterday.

This is scale.

Each stalk is producing at capacity.
Every stalk is participating.
Everyone is working together without straining.
Position yourself in the best place to get the greatest yield (full sun, soil with a lot of nitrogen and a PH of 5).

All growth is not good growth.

If scaling your organization requires your sleep, free time, family time, and overall health and well-being — that’s not scale.

Cancer is growth. It’s just not the kind of growth anyone wants.