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Sunday Sermonizing: Leave Everyone Alone

Greta Garbo (Swedish-American film star from the 1920s to 1940’s) became a recluse because she apparently wanted to be alone (or, more precisely, left alone). The life she chose to live was one in which solitude was difficult. Maybe impossible.

So she retired.

Solitude is almost impossible in a digital world where we’re wired into the matrix. Even Greta Garbo would’ve failed at solitude in retirement if she’d opened a Facebook account.

As I said earlier this week, social media is engineered addiction.

The tragedy is that our global, cultural addiction has put us in a place where we can never, ever be alone. Ever. In every moment of boredom, every bit of unused, free time I don’t have to be alone. There’s something to scroll. Someone to interact with. Something to do. Another like. Another hit of dopamine.

In an incredibly thought-provoking article, Call Newport questions whether or not social media is actually undermining religion.

As a Christian and a student of spirituality, I have no doubt that it is.

When it comes to spiritual disciplines from a Christian perspective, there are certain basics to consider. 


1. Prayer

2. The Bible

3. Solitude

Solitude may be the basis of every other spiritual path.

Bible study, reading, and meditation require solitude.

Prayer — Jesus commanded we go to a closet by ourselves.

It is impossible to do the spiritual basics while scrolling and liking and tagging.

Learn solitude.

Learn to leave everyone else alone.