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This is My Oxygen

3 Weeks. 7 countries. 10 airports.15 flights. That was our life for the end of April and the first of May in 2019.

In all that I was reminded at least 15 times (once for each flight) of an incredibly important principle:

Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

Thankfully, in the countless times I’ve had to hear that pre-flight schpeel over the years, I’ve never once had to put on an oxygen mask on an airplane.

But the lesson is not lost.

Always, always, always protect the asset.

Sleep well.
Give space for deep thinking, problem-solving, and prayer.
Eat good (good = quality) food.
Make time for and with people you love and people who nourish your soul.
Move your body.
Read prolifically.
Don’t settle for cheap beer or bad coffee.

There’s more. But this is my oxygen. They’re the things that give breath and life to my lungs so that I can assist other people with what makes them come alive.

It’s critical stuff.
All those flights were good for more than just getting there.