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Speed Bumps

There are many times when leadership must act as something of a speed bump inside an organization.

But not in the way that you think.

If a project is not aligned with purpose, vision, mission, or values. It needs the kibosh. It’s the job of leadership to determine those boundaries.

Good leadership allows a lot of leeway within the boundaries of purpose, vision, mission, and values.

Great leadership allows complete freedom within those boundaries.

The hard work is figuring out the boundaries at the front of the game. Before people get hurt because they’re wandering in the wilderness alone and with no support.

Speed bumps help. In fact, they save lives on the side roads. (Even though no one likes them.)

But they produce a dangerously undesired effect when placed on a freeway.

Build an organizational expressway with

  • A compelling purpose (What motivates us)
  • A clear vision (What we know could be)
  • Concrete core values (How you make decisions)
  • A creative mission (the actions you will take to make the change you see)

Once the highway is paved, you don’t need speed bumps.

Build those on the side roads.