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Leading From a Spreadsheet

Most things are more complicated than we think.
Leadership is no exception.

Leadership is not simply influence.
Minimalism is not reductionism.

A leader is someone with followers. This is reductionist.

In my first job, the person who “led” the entire branch holed up in his office on most days. I was a lowly warehouse worker. The branch manager only rarely even made an appearance in the warehouse, and rarely spoke to anyone other than his direct reports.

He was not a leader because it’s impossible to lead with a spreadsheet and commands to the Human Resources department.

People are not and never will be commodities, even when they’re treated as such.

Just so you know …

Starting June 1st (tomorrow), I will be doing a digital declutter per Cal Newport’s latest book “Digital Minimalism”. (You need to read this. And at the moment I’m publishing this, you can get the audiobook for $8.99. That’s almost a steal. Buy this book NOW!)

What this means for me: I am logging out of 99% of my social media for the month of June. All social media will be deleted from my phone. This blog will continue to post to Twitter automatically. It will not auto-post to Facebook or LinkedIn and I will NOT be logging into Facebook for the month. (I haven’t entirely decided what my LinkedIn behavior will be for June, as I do have business contacts on that platform,)

Two solutions for this:

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