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Your Schedule and Other People’s Priorities


Your schedule is a compass.  Careful (or cursory) examination of any person’s calendar will bring clarity to what is objectively important.  We write down the important things.  The things we must remember. The things we can’t forget.

Work meetings.

Soccer games.

Birthdays and anniversaries.

Dentist appointments.

It only takes one time forgetting any given priority to spur change. To start writing things down using a calendar, whether by Google or by Hallmark.

So we write down the important things. We schedule the things we must not forget.

But electronic calendars have also made it possible to schedule for other people, as well. I can make priorities for you. You can do the same for me.

The problem with schedules and priority in 2019 is that things begin to cross lines of absurdity at some point.  We look at our calendars of appointments and realize that the items on the list are not actually priorities.  They’re thieves.

You must choose your own. priorities and write them down. If you don’t, someone else will do it for you and your life becomes a list of everyone else’s priorities.

Check your compass.

The great thing about this particular compass is that if you don’t like where you’re going you can actually change directions.