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Chairs and To-Do Lists

True confessions: I'm a sucker for a good productivity app. Or book. Or blog. Understanding how the human brain (and body) gets things done is both interesting and informative to me.

Problem is about 95% of those books, blogs, apps, and systems do nothing to help get actual work done.

Here’s the crucial thing I’ve learned over the years of checking out new to-do list apps or implementing a new systems:

Focus is more important than any tool and every system.

Tools and systems should create the ability and an environment of focus. If they don’t, the new tool or system is merely a distraction.

This is why a comfortable chair (or a standing desk) is a much better productivity tool than a book about some cloud-based system for organizing lists.

One is an excuse to procrastinate.

The other is something to put your butt in so you can do your work.