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Weakness Like Hedges, Strengths Like Trees

Arguments for and against strengths-based development abound.

Some say, there’s a danger in ignoring weaknesses. Failure to work on weak areas leave you vulnerable. Focusing only on strengths makes one susceptible to laziness and ultimately weakens character.

On the other hand, there is the law of diminishing returns. There are certain areas in our lives where we thrive. And others where we struggle.

Working on strengths makes the most sense to me.
But that doesn’t mean we get to ignore our weak areas.

Non-strength areas are likes a hedgerow. We can grow weaknesses. And we should grow areas of weakness to an acceptable level. Hedges should be high enough and thick to hide the fence or block the view of the RV in the neighbor’s yard.

Strengths are more like oak trees. Properly cultivated, they become massive. This is world-class you.

Shore up and maintain your hedgerow.

Cultivate your trees.