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How To (and How Not To) Freelance

The graphic design artist places a proposal in front of the potential client. The client gives her a lecture about how he can make a logo online for way cheaper and where does she come off charging so much?
The web developer mentions her pricing and the potential client makes a website with a template on Weebly.

The copywriter emails her proposal to the potential client. She’s ghosted. She discovers a month later this client paid minimum-wage to a high school student to write his web copy. Or worse, he did it himself. The evidence being clunky, unclear, amateur writing on a company website.

A couple decides to save money on their wedding photography by paying a friend of a friend $200 to shoot their wedding. The results are under-exposed, over-processed wedding photos. The couple pretends to love them because they don’t want to offend their friend who “knows a photographer.”

These things actually happened, names and specifics excluded to protect the innocent. The common thread is cheap people.

The creators either don’t understand the value they create or haven’t fully developed their skills.
Either way, that’s not how to run a creative business.

It’s not how to run any kind of business.

Work to create incredible value.
Charge what it’s worth. Charge what you’re worth.
Market to customers who feel their own pain.
Clients who will pay what you’re worth.

Never work to satisfy cheap people.