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Leadership at 14,000 Feet

The journey of leadership development is similar to ascending a mountain.

In the beginning, you’re often put into a position and told to climb. Get to the top any way you can. You’re a climber. So climb. You’re a leader. So lead.

That works for a little while. But as you get higher, you realize that there are some technical skills you’ll need to get up there.

You descend. You stumble. You scrape your knees. You might even fall. The air is thinner. Everything is harder than it first appeared.

You realize that the idea of the lone climber — the lone leader — is not actually a thing. Lone climbers fall with no one to pick them up. Lone leaders fall and are never heard from again.

This is rightfully scary. You find mentors. Read books. Get instruction. Voraciously learn. You gain skills.

Somewhere along the way, there’s a tipping point. You now have enough skill and experience to teach yourself some things. That’s when your ability to lead increases exponentially.

Because when you get to the top and enjoy the views, you realize what your real job has been all along.

You’re not here for you.

You’re here to help others experience the wonder for themselves.