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When will you show up?

Follow Joseba Etxebarria Photography. He shows up. Meets people. Starts his own Gallery in Battambang, Cambodia. His work is astounding.

Dreams are dreams.
As are plans unexecuted.

We know people who spend their lives in old Dusty Springfield songs.
Wishing, hoping, thinking, praying, planning, dreaming.

It’s not 1963.
The stakes are bigger than three-hankie puppy love.

You have the agency.
You have the tools.
They’re right in front of you.
The creative democratic revolution is over.
We won. The Gatekeepers have left the region.

You have the ability now, more than ever, before to start a blog.
To write — and publish — your manifesto.
To make a short film. Or a feature-length film.
Publish your podcast.
You can travel.
You can work from anywhere.
You can create incredible value.
You can find your people. Locate your tribe. Build a portfolio of work that you are proud of and that others can see. You don’t have to wait for a gallery to accept your Photos. Start your own Gallery. You don’t have to wait for a publishing company to accept your idea. Publish your own book. YouTube is available for all. Distribute your own film. It’s possible. More than ever, it’s possible.
You don’t need permission to go first.
You don’t have to wait for others to wave you through.
Your excuses are gone. No wishing necessary.

So it’s not really about planning and wishing and hoping and dreaming.
Not any more.
Not in 2019.

Sure, there is still the problem of “being seen”.
But that’s not the issue, yet. Don’t worry about “being seen” until you have something to see.
“Nothing to see here.” That’s the case with so many. Because they have yet to show up.

First, it’s really about showing up.

When will you show up?

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