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Leader, Do Your Job

Organizations are complex and confusing beasts with two heads, multiple bodies, and disparate tentacles reaching into projects and realms unknown and often unseen. Sometimes unconnected activities are happening in dark corners of the building. Sorcerers materializing black holes that suck time, energy, and resources into untraceable netherworlds.

Leaders know something isn’t what it ought to be. But complication seems untamable. Unstoppable. Every new project, every new idea, every new possibility adds to the confusion.

Complexity can stroke the ego. It can make a leader seem smart. Wise. A knight in shining armor, able to tame the beast.

But unnecessary complexity in an organization is not a good thing. It doesn’t help the cause. It makes growth and scale difficult, if not impossible. It frustrates people who joined a cause with purpose.

If you are leading an organization your job is clarity.

Do your job.