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Planning or Procrastination?

Projects start with a plan.

Plans require thought about the process, budget, content, and a timetable. Planning is intentionally thinking about work. Some people (I am one of these people) are very good at planning.

It’s foolish to dive into a project without a plan. It’s like attempting to assemble Ikea furniture without an instruction sheet.
That’s a frustrating business.

The major sticking point for people who are good at creating the plan (people like me) is that sometimes the plan is never good enough. There could be a better plan. A more efficient plan. A more cost-effective plan. A plan that gets this thing finished faster. Or better.

And it’s true. There could be such a plan.

But, at some point, the actual work suffers.

I've been planning a project for several weeks. But some of that planning was just a thin veil covering up my procrastination.

Yesterday, in two hours of uninterrupted, undistracted focus I finished the project.

Planning isn’t necessarily the superpower that got this done (although planning carries an element of importance here.)

Focus is.