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Be Human

Our humanity has never been more important.

The culture of work is wrapping up a transformation whose implications are bigger than we thought.

And I love it.

The world is a smaller place. The office is much larger than ever before. The tools are available to work from nearly anywhere in the world. This is becoming even more of a reality as some of the remotest places are getting cellular Internet access.

AI technology is a tsunami following the wave that just rolled in. (I highly recommend reading Kai-Fu Lee’s AI Superpowers: China, Silicone Valley, and the New World Order if you want more insight on this.

The days of Henry Ford are becoming cozy history. New structures and new tools are creating a new culture.

This is why empathy, human connectedness, and relational integrity is more important than ever. Humans will never cease to be human. We all need compassion, both giving and receiving.

This is why we must keep our relationship with the technology that surrounds us within its bounds.

Use your phone to make things.
To be efficient.
To work from anywhere.

And have a phone-free lunch with a coworker, a friend, or your spouse.

No one will miss your non-Instagrammed meal.

AI will do the analytical thinking, while humans will wrap that analysis in warmth and compassion.
— Kai-Fu Lee
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