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There are 120 Days Left

There are a mere 120 days left in 2019.
A new decade is awakening.

January is a great time to start things. Set goals. Make plans.
To resolute.

September is also good. Back to school. Back to work. It’s a new season It’s a new week. It’s a new day.
The best time is now.

I’ve started posting bits of this blog on my Instagram page. The best time to have started this would have been two years ago when I started blogging daily.

The second best time to start is now.
And that goes for anything.

It’s been a long time since January.
That would have been a better time to start. But now is the second-best time.
What have you let go?
What “resolution” have you given up?
What do you need to start? Or restart?

You get a redo. There are 120 days left in 2019. Start today. I want to encourage you over the next few days with 6 things you should do every day between now and December 31st.

These 6 habits will change everything for you.
Are you ready for a personal revolution?

(I will link to this post as each one publishes.)

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