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Less Rare Days


Meaningful, face-to-face interaction with people is rare and beautiful. 

It shouldn’t be rare.  

We are social beasts, wired for people and community. We’re at our best when with others. It’s the way we’ve always been. Dependence is a characteristic and a feature, not a liability.  

I confess, my view of face-to-face interaction has shifted over the years. In my younger days, I thrived on it to the point of unhealthiness.  

Betrayal, stabs in the back, duplicity, and general bad faith made me much more comfortable with a book, an instant message, and a screen. The occasional virtual face time is fine.  Keeping people at arm's length prevents stab wounds.  

Yesterday Renee’ and I spent the day with people.  Face-to-face.  We interacted around important topics and trends. From self-improvement to global good, we had important, deep, rich, life-giving conversations. 

These face-to-face interactions were healthy and soul-refreshing. Most days I rejuvenate with alone-time.  But yesterday I finished the day refreshed. 

Human interaction is essential.  We are not machines. 

But there are times when that interaction is around important and interesting.

On those days conversation brings life.  

I want these days to be less rare.