Bernie Anderson


We like food. 

We like to make food. We like to eat food. 

We used to have an old website called "The World is Our Kitchen" ... and while that site no longer exists, we are continuing that Anderson food tradition here. Everything from cheesecake to coffee to grilling tips. This is about all things delicious. 

Welcome to the Anderson Kitchen

Best of the very best in food design

Best of the very best in food design

Renee' and I have both commented that if we were to take on another career, we would seriously consider going into food design/photography. Since neither of us plan taking that much of a left turn in our current career path, this portion of the blog is going to be our personal experiements in the gastronomic arts. It will mostly be Renee' doing the food design and Bernie taking pictures.

And occassionally the reverse. Although, when we reverse rolls the food will often turn out something like this chicken.

We love cheesecakes. My guess is there will be a few that will appear on here. However, we plan to have a lot more here over time.

Follow us here and you won't miss a post of tasty goodness. We will be including recipes, as well as photos of final product.