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Introducing: 15

Here's an idea...

Here's an idea...

I want to introduce you to something new.

Last year I completed a photography project that I'm actually at bit proud of. A "Project 365" consists of a fresh photo every day for one year. I have started one of these projects in the past. However, the "365" ended bing something more like ... 217.

2014 was the year for a complete 365 and I'm most pleased.

I will be completing the "Project 365" gallery on this website over the next couple of weeks, as well as adding a video containing one-second clips of all the photos. That will happen soon. These things take a little time to pull together. The entire gallery is on my 500px and Flickr pages.

As I was finishing this project, I began to consider what I wanted to do in 2015 to improve my photography. Doing some sort of project is a good way of doing this. Posting the project on the Internet is a good way to stay accountable (I am accountable to all 5 of you who follow this website). This year stories of the ordinary have caught my attention. My hope is to tell some of those stories, both in a photographic and literary format. So, I am introducing to you this year's photography project.

It's called "15"

In 2015 I am going to find 15 interesting, but ordinary subjects and tell their stories using 15 photographs. It's sort of a photo journalism project, but I've not decided on all of the subjects, as of yet. The first is a piece on a 101 year old business in Greenville that is now going out of business. I'm also going to do a story on a local farm, as well as a local coffee business. The first of the "15" will be posted in the next day or two.

I'm really happy about this project. Ordinary people are extraordinarily interesting. I account that to grace.

The first one (I think I will just call it "1" ... remeniscent of early Led Zeplin albums) should be up later today or tomorrow.

If anyone has a subject that you think might be good, let me know in the comments. I hope someone enjoys this project. I know that, so far, I sure am.