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Current musings, whatever they may be. 

A Schedule For Words.

Like scheduling your vacations - schedule your creativity. 

Like scheduling your vacations - schedule your creativity. 

It's official. Inspiration is over-rated.
I don't believe in muses anymore.
The "eureka moment" rarely happens.

Daily blogging throughout this first month of 2018 has taught me one very clear lesson:

Writing is a habit, not flash in the pan creativity.

As is every creative act.

It's about discipline more than it's about feeling.

It's the 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration adage.

Based on what I've read and listened to recently, when it comes to any creative discipline - all really great work only comes when the artist uses her tools.
When the writer puts in the words.
When the painter actually puts paint on the canvas.
When the guitarist plays scales. Over and over again.

Writing is not dissimilar to creating a spreadsheet. There are blocks which have to be filled. The easiest thing to do is get them filled. Then it's much simpler to come behind and tweak the formulas and organize the data.

It's impossible to do meaningful tweaking and organizing without the data.

That's just fiddling.

Do you want to create something? A blog or book? A painting or a wall hanging or a collage?

I have one simple tip.

Schedule it.

When the reminder pops up on your phone - do it.