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Coffee Shop Saturdays: The Golden Drops Cafe, Decatur, GA

"Aficionado" is not the perfect word. 

But I like a good cup of coffee, and in my travels I do make it a point to visit local coffee shops.  

Call it a hobby. Or an obsession. Or whatever.  It's worth it for me to get off the beaten path and away from typical, over-roasted, corporate coffee - to find not only good coffee, but local character and other treasures.  On Saturdays I'll try to relay my weekly findings here. So if you're ever in one of these places, you know where to go for a good cup of joe. 

I keep an Evernote notebook containing local coffee spots I've visited.  I'll try not to pull too much from the past and keep things in the current year (2018).  However, I'm not making any promises, in case of slow travel weeks.  I might do a "Saturday Coffee-time" "blast from the past".  Just keeping my options open ... 

The recent holiday season found me putting in a lot of miles, after putting in even more miles during a busy travel season from my work.  Miles on the road affords more coffee experiences. I'm not complaining. 

Don't let the simple space fool you. This is quality coffee. 

This week, however, I want to introduce you to "Golden Drops Cafe" in Decatur, GA (a NorthEastern Suburb of Atlanta). 

I had a lunch meeting in Atlanta, so the daughter (home from college) tagged along to hang out with me for the short trip there and back.  When my meeting was finished, we did our typical search for local shops - and did find one close.  However, there was no parking and it seemed pretentious from the outside (we were in Buckhead. That part of Atlanta is actually pretentious).  

So another search and we found "Golden Drops", about 2 miles off I85 on our way back to Greenville. 

It was a cold day (the day of the "Bomb Cyclone" on the East coast.  I still feel like that's a made up thing to get people to watch the Weather Channel. But I digress ... ). The Cafe itself is anything but pretentious.  We walked in and were immediately greeted by Victor, the owner/barista/entrepreneur. 

I love that coffee is usually connected with community.  It was obvious that Victor is passionate about this and treated my daughter and I like old friends. We heard his story and the story of the coffee they use. 

It's the best of El Salvador, come to Decatur. 

Golden Drops has a high quality product. They import the best beans, grown and roasted in El Salvador. The beans are fresh. No stale coffee here. The espresso is smooth, with no bitterness. 

I had the Americano and the daughter had the "Golden Latte" - which was mildly sweetened and spiced up with ginger and cinnamon. I typically don't drink sweet coffee. Hers was delicious. 

We also enjoyed food prepared by Victor's charming Mom. Golden Drops has a tasty Latin-inspired menu. My daughter had the veggie sandwich, and I tried a brigadeiro (Brazilian chocolate delicacy) and something I can't remember the name of (A latin candy - I think was also Brazilian - made with coconut and sweetened condensed milk). On the way out, I purchased another Americano for the road, and Victor let us sample the pao de queijo (Brazilian cheese-bread balls). 

Victor barista-ing things up. 

The cheese bread was life-changing.  


The daughter and I wanted to go back and get a dozen. Exterior crunched, interior full melty cheese (something similar to cheddar). I want one every day. 

The interior cafe space is simple, but sufficient. I thought the outdoor space looked enticing, but with bomb cyclones going on - it was too cold. 

I found the Golden Drops Cafe to be charming, hospitable, and delicious - and well worth the 7 minute drive off Interstate 85. I'll be stopping there again on future trips through the ATL.  

You must check it out in person. In the meantime, connect with them on their social. 

Golden Drops Cafe


1788 Clairmont Rd., Decatur, GA

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