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People Are Weird At New Years

The beginning of a new year is a strange time for human existence.

Globally there are some interesting traditions. Some seem fairly conventional. Others border on the strange and bizarre.

Apparently in the Philippines it is customary to wear polka dots and eat only fruits that are round. This ensures a prosperous new year.

In Colombia, folks carry empty suitcases around the block. This is supposed to guarantee they will have the opportunity to travel in the year to come.

Greenville, SC - New Year's Day 2018 was cold and did involve brunch. 

But then there's Denmark and South Africa. It gets downright destructive over there.

The Danes take old dishes and smash them to bits by hurling them at the doors of the homes of friends' and relatives'. I guess this signifies the start of the New Year's diet? At the stroke of midnight, residents of Denmark proceed to jump off tables and chairs together - apparently "leaping into the new year" and banishing evil spirits all in one fell swoop.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, there's apparently a tradition of launching old appliances out windows.

Might be a good idea to ring in the new year from the safety of a top floor apartment, should you ever be in Jo-burg when the calendar changes.

In America - we watch a giant, lighted crystal ball drop to the ground in Times Square. (And in the part of the country where I live folks will eat black-eyed peas and hog jaw for prosperity in the new year).

Humankind. We're all weird.

Yet, across the globe there is somehow great hopefulness when a new year dawns, in spite of the reality that every day is fresh - with new mercy and possibilities.

So in January of every year, gyms fill up.
Storage systems go on sale at Walmart.
We get fresh calendars and notebooks.

I start writing for my blog every day.

None of it's a bad thing.

This week, three things came to mind, as we step ever-so-cautiously into 2018.

Less resolution, more habit-building
Less consumption, more creation
Less negative foolishness, more positive wisdom

Now - what about you?

How your first week of 2018 has gone. Are there changes you wish to make? Are there new things you wish to mindful of this year? Would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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