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Sunday Sermonizing: On Honest Questions

“How can God know? Is there knowledge in the Most High?”

Psalm 73:11

I love the fact that David let his questions fly. Brash. Bold. Maybe a little impetuous.


In Psalm 73 David doesn’t get why or how arrogant, God-haters who love money more than people can get away with living such great lives with no apparent consequences. Sure we can talk about how miserable they are on the inside. But, with gut-level honesty, David says, but are they? They not only could have it all, they do have it all.

David says, “this almost tripped me up.”

When he says his “foot almost slipped,” he didn’t just stub his toe. He means that he almost entirely fell to his demise.

Scary stuff.

This month we are working with some amazing people who are giving their lives for God’s kingdom in Southeast Asia. They are doing things like bringing hope and mobility to people with disabilities through local churches and wheelchairs, pastoring churches among marginalized hill-tribe people, and working for the holistic transformation and development of entire communities through local churches. 

As I sit across the table and listen to their stories and the ways God has worked in these lives, I can’t help but think of the sacrifice that’s been made for them to be here. They’ve sacrificed. The people at home who they love have sacrificed. Their children are sacrificing. And we know it’s all for Good. 

At least we tell ourselves that is right. We know the theology of Christian missions.

But I also know about dark times of doubt. Times of jealousy. Times of anger and confusion. Times that hurt. It’s real. Whether you live in Asia or Topeka. And, like David, we have to be honest about it.

It’s always a bad idea to suppress and mask our doubts and fears. While we need to be wise about how we share them with other people (some folks can’t handle gut-level honesty), God is big enough to take it.


David asks God, “Are you blind? Don’t you know what’s happening here?”



But God is big enough to handle our impertinence. He is big enough to handle your questions.

That’s why David says He’s a refuge. In. spite of questions and our complaining.

He’s big enough to handle it.

He’s good enough to be there.