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Coffee Shops in Thailand (and Culture Change)

Being annoyed at Thailand is a pointless waste of energy.

Very few things open here before 8:00 AM. Most stores don’t open until 9:00 AM.  Malls are not open until 10:00 AM (Sometimes 11:00). 

But we’re talking coffee and donut shops that don’t open until most people have to be at work.

I’m writing this at 8:15 in the morning outside a coffee shop that doesn’t open until 8:30.

I’ve watched 6 people in the last 10 minutes trying to get in with no success.

I want coffee, it’s pouring down rain, and there’s no intention of having mercy on me.

If one coffee shop in Chiang Mai decided to make a big deal out of opening at 7:00 (I would say 6:00, but that may be asking for the moon), they would have the corner on the early morning market. Just one. A decent cup of coffee. That’s all I’m asking for this rainy Monday morning.


But, griping as I stand here in the rain, trying to make the best coffee decision this morning, it changes nothing. Griping and complaining doesn’t change culture, it just makes whatever culture you are experiencing a worse experience.

Culture doesn’t change because of my big and bright ideas.

Sometimes there’s no reason for culture to change.

And when culture should change, it’s best to go about in ways that do not involve ugly American’s yelling about something as trivial as coffee (Trust me. I’ve seen enough of that here. It’s not pretty.)

Culture changes when we change.

Personally. Then call others to do the same.

This is true in Thailand.

This is truer in your place of employment.