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You Can’t Pay For Wisdom With a Boosted Post


We have more opportunity to speak to an audience than at any time in history, with less to say. Flip through your Instagram or Facebook feed. Lots of people trying to get your attention.  Sell a product.  Make some noise. Look at me. Pay me some attention - and I’ll pay to make that happen.

But our thinking is backwards. We advertise before thinking critically about our message. What do we want to say? How will it make a difference? The other day Seth said, “Social media is a symptom, not a tactic” - and he’s right. Start with thinking well bout what you want to say and why it is important.

Then let people talk.

Because, at the end of the day, information is not wisdom. Wisdom is wisdom.  And one does not simply walk into wisdom accidentally. It’s earned the hard way, over time. Every time.

Attention is cheap.

Wisdom costs something. But her actual value is more than worth it.