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How To Use Your Superpower


Intelligence and creative thinking are not reserved for the elite few who are running things from the C-suite.

It’s important for entire organizations to understand this to be the case.

For those on the front lines, you are the best at your job. Or you should be. Nobody else knows your environment and your context.  No one else has a clue about the daily obstacles which need to be overcome, nor do they understand the effort required to accomplish your goals. You also have a God-given superpower. A special set of skills that can be leveraged to do unique and amazing things.

So don’t make excuses. Don’t blame shift and stop complaining. There are tools. There is training. There are resources. There are options. One of the most valuable skills in the workplace today is complex problem-solving. Use your superpowers and start finding your own solutions. You’ll be amazed at the value you provide, whether anyone in the C-suite sees it or not.

Spend most of your time in the C-suite? Your challenge is the same. With one important and difficult addition. (This is assuming you have already done the hard work of clarifying and communicating your vision and values.)

1. Use your superpowers to solve complex problems and provide incredible value.

2. Give everyone in the organization the agency to do the same.

The rest is management.