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Bookshelves and Actual Commitments

There is always a stack of books on my reading desk.

And most are ones I’m actually reading.

Of course, there are always things like my Bible, a prayer book, The Leadership Challenge and the latest even-numbered year Writer’s Market. I keep them handy for reference and research.

Currently, there’s a book on theology, one about marketing and couple on the subject of goal-setting (plus two wrapped Christmas presents that are also books from my local, independent bookstore).

Magazines, as well. Wired and The New Yorker are my current favorites.

There’re the novels. Mysteries Renee’ and I listen to in the car. Fantasy novels that feed my own soul - along with the occasional literary fiction. Biography and memoir are also in queue for listening.

I’ve recently read a couple of comics on my Kindle.
And I liked it.

There are categories in my RSS reader from global news to writing craft, marketing, and photography. Literature, leadership, cool science stuff, and crossing-cultures.

Sometimes it’s a lot, and I should be a little careful.

There’s a fine line between FOMO (fear of missing out) and healthy curiosity.

Stay curious.

Read widely.

But make very narrow commitments.