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To Be Professional, the Color Hex Code Must Be Perfect


There is an app on my Mac called "Sip".

The basic premise of this App is to get exact hex color codes for colors found in your web browser. It's useful for color matching a photo or a logo when designing a website (or anything else involving color in the digital world).

It's possible to get colors close. But, every eye sees color a little bit differently. And close isn't good enough when it comes to colors in design. If a corporate brand uses #009FD8, #009FD7 will not work.

The amateur eyeballs it. Close enough is good-enough. No one will know.

The problem is, they know. The untrained eye may not be able to figure out the fact that the color hex code is off, but people know when something's not quite right.

And even if people don't know - the true craftsman does.

The craftsman knows if a detail is off. She will know if a joint is off on a piece of woodwork, or there's a flaw in the pot, or if the color hex code is wrong in a web design.

There is need for precision when it comes to most of what we do.

Close enough, it not good enough.
Use tools that allow for precision.
Professionalize by being more precise. At whatever we do.

This is important because it shows care.
Care is a rare and valuable quality.
Care differentiates the professional and the amateur.