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Insight and Outsight: Leaders Need Both

Insight is relatively easy (for me).

Learning. Self-awareness. Assessing internal sense and opinion. Introspection. Self-reflection. Thinking. What could be.

This is not particularly difficult, especially for people with introverted tendencies. For those whose strengths fall in the domain of "Strategic Thinking."

Outsight can be a challenge (for me).

External awareness. Change on the horizon. A consciousness of disruption. Relationships. Networking. Connection. Action. What is - and what will be.

This is difficult.

For me.

I imagine the reverse is true for others.

Well-rounded leadership requires a strong sense of both.

I need to work on outsight.

Insight: "Swimming" is the wrong verb tense. 

Outsight: The waves behind this sign could kill you. RIP.