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Sunday Sermonizing: The Missing Link To Culture Change

One Tweet can't change culture.

One business doesn't change culture.

One set of believes or one worldview won't change culture.

Nor will one president or prime minister.

It's not possible for one movie, one song, or one book alone to change culture.

But tweets, businesses, belief systems, politics, the arts, and worldviews do you change culture. Collectively. Not individually.

What we do matters. (An truth I heard from the front of my church today.) It's true. But to have any kind of visible cultural impact, our actions must be taken in the collective. Culture has to do with how businesses interact and how people interact. How worldviews interact and how society interacts.

Culture changes when we live in community with one another. When we exchange ideas and work together for the good of the collective.

As a Christian, I believe the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He shall reign forever. But, I also believe that my current influence on culture is only as strong as my participation in community. In the collective. That's how one community can have influence and interaction on society at large.

In the Christian context, the truly powerful instrument for change is the local church.

And community is the missing link.