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Creativity: The Grace of Iteration

In order to create, we need to do a better job exploring.

We expect to produce A-class work. This is not unreasonable. No one wants to be an amateur. Professionalism is the expectation.

As it ought to be.

The problem is we often expect LeBron quality slam dunks before we've mastered dribbling. We expect to take Annie Leibovitz quality, prize-winning portraits while learning the exposure trifecta. We expect Steven King-esque prose and suspense, with disappointing results. Mastery requires us to produce things we don't like. Things that may not even be good.

But that's okay.

The solution is to do the work. The gap is the gap.

Stop playing it safe and start turning out first draft paragraphs. Stop expectation final copy paragraphs. Don’t try to get too good too fast. Stop comparing your blooper reel with someone else's highlight reel.

Do the work.
Do the work.
Do the work.

And you'll get there.

Give yourself the grace to iterate by lowering your expectations without lowering your standards.

You’ll actually get more done. And, in the long run, it will be better.