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The Marriage of Analog and Digital: Hybrid Productivity

Technology is a pleasure and fascination for me. Since it has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, I've embraced technology over the years. I'm an early adopter. At least relatively speaking. For my particular age class.

50-year olds.

At the same time, it's important to recognize the affect technology has had on our lives. Because it does affect us.

In weeks like we've just been through in the world of social media, perhaps we feel those effects more keenly than other times.

Every technology has consequences. Both good and ill.

Every technology is both a burden and a blessing; not either-or, but this-and-that.
— Neil Postman

I received my first copy of Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner in the mail today. My wife and I are stepping into some new ground in the coming weeks, vocationally speaking. This seems like a great time to set up some new productivity systems.

This particular planner is inspiring because it ramps up my analog game. And the analog game is important.

For me, productivity has become a hybrid system of analog and digital. I love the flexibility and efficiency of digital. It helps to simplify life and helps with consistency.

But 0's and 1's are not best for every task. In fact, for many things, digital is the worst way forward. It's important to think about the constraints the digital world places on us.

The human brain is designed to interact with other human brains. The urgency of the digital has become our new tyrant. Immediate response to texts and emails and Slack messages has been the expectation. Responsiveness is the measure of effectiveness and efficiency.

To our own demise.

For this reason, I've evolved to a hybrid digital/analog productivity system.

Here's how I break it down.


  • reminders (appointments and time-sensitive tasks)
  • sharing information
  • collaboration
  • data management and archiving

Digital is my primary tool for execution.


  • thinking
  • planning
  • goal-setting
  • human interaction

Analog is my primary tool for envisioning.

I keep a Moleskine notebook with me most of the time these days. Starting Q3 2018, I'll be giving the Full Focus planner a go-round.

More on this tool to come.