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Sunday Sermonizing: Hope and Sorrow

This has been a difficult and confusing week. Particularly on the national front.

I've found the policies and attitudes of our national leadership toward immigration and immigrants to be egregious and troubling. Kids separated from their parents and held as political pawns is beyond dehumanizing. It's wrong.

I grieve.

Often. And deeply.

I'm grateful to have grounded my week with Psalm 103 and have been soaking in those words of promise every day.


At the end of the day (or the end of an old week, or the beginning of a new week), I have to keep my soul in a place of knowing that God has established his throne. His Kingdom does, indeed, rule over all (Psalm 103:19).

I want to bring that Kingdom to life where ever I set my foot.

His Kingdom is a kingdom of love. The steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting (Psalm 103:17).

Moving into a new week with new challenges, new news cycles, new projects, new joys, and new sorrows - I have both sorrow and hope.

And that is okay.

My mind and heart are with this hymn writer as I post this for today.

That I am nothing and Thou art all
I would be daily taught
— from "O Jesus Grow Thou In Me" by Johann Casper Lavater