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Culture Contribution

This podcast is about weaponized news.

This podcast is about tips and gifts.

This is a podcast about curses and folklore.


Perhaps on the surface.

But ultimately each of these (incredibly interesting) podcasts speak to one common issue:


My beliefs and your beliefs about tipping, curses, and the news affect the culture around us because our personal belief system affects more than just ourselves.

What you are committed to and passionate about affects others. Your belief system contributes to the culture.

False beliefs will help to create a false toxic culture. True and healthy beliefs will contribute to a true and healthy culture.

It's why the news, how we think about tipping and gifts, and the way we tell stories can be either problematic or incredibly beneficial.

You and I will make a contribution to the culture.

Gossip, backbiting, and complaining in the workplace contribute to toxicity and infirmity.

Gratitude, encouragement, and optimism also contribute to work culture.

What you say matters. What you do matters. How you think matters.

No person lives as unto themselves. We each contribute to the culture.
What is your contribution?