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Tomorrow Begins Your New Year

Tomorrow we are exactly half-way through 2018.

How're those 2018 New Year's resolutions working out?

I'm not a fan of resolutions. I'm not a fan of making the flipping of the calendar in December and deciding then is time to make a change. And when the change doesn't happen then, you marinate in condemnation and soak in guilt.

Then leaving that thing - whatever it is - for the next time the calendar flips in December.

Sure you can make a change then.

But you can also make a change on January 2nd.

Or March 17th.

Or July 1st.

We're half-way through 2018.

What kind of difference are you going to make when the calendar flips tomorrow?

Blow it today? Guess what? The sun comes up tomorrow. Start again.

Don't way until 2019. Do it now.

None of us may have that long.