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Not This Monday

Today is Monday.

This is my current dry-erase window.

Some Mondays are nose to the grindstone.
Descend into the salt mine.
Dive into the whirlwind.
Get back to the 9 to 5.
Can't wait for the weekend.

Not this Monday. Not today. Hopefully, never.

Oh, there is work to do. Lots of it. Important, critical, life-changing, transformational work that needs to be done.

That's coming.

But today (and this week) is about possibility. Hence an intentionally blank dry-erase window.

This week's tasks are about thinking, planning, and dreaming. And then it's time to make some very specific goals, with action plans to achieve them.

Sometimes you need an empty dry-erase board (or window, in my case) to make it happen.

This is, perhaps, a more conducive view to finish the work this week.