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Be A Human Maker


Every time I see a Star Wars movie I think about this.

Every time I watch a show like Broadchurch or read a novel like Mistborn.

There are certain photographers who give me the same feeling.

Like Sefa Yamak and Elena Shumilova or .

To name a few.

The new album by Lake Street Dive or Tow'rs - or my new favorite band Ryvoli.

These are creations. Things we enjoy that were made by someone. We live in a new age of craftspeople.

It's a new age. There was a day when it was assumed someone made everything. Not in the general factory sense. But whether you were purchasing a bar of soap, a pair of shoes, or listening to a song - someone had to make that. It was created by a human.

The industrial age made everything easy and automated. But changed the age of makers. Now, we go to massive chain stores we purchase most of what we need. Walmart has everything. It's easy. It's cheap. It's not unique.

And we get tired of it. Something with a makers' mark, a tiny flaw, a scratch in the corner because it was made by hand - these are the things we are beginning to value again.

This is perhaps most true with digital goods.

So when you enjoy a new movie (even a multi-billion dollar blockbuster movie) or a new series on Netflix or stay inside to read a new novel while listening to the music you love - remember that these things were made by someone. Someone who enjoys the same things you do.

You can be a maker, too.