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Authentic Change

Authenticity is internal. Transformation is external.

This is counterintuitive. But hear me out.

What goes up must come down. Whatever is on the inside will be exposed. People look at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.

At the end of the day, it's impossible to hide our true colors - especially under stress. You can fake it for a while. But inauthenticity is not sustainable.

You will reveal who you are.

Anger and arrogance boil over for the world to see. Eventually. Particularly when placed in difficult situations. Character and kindness are either there or they're not. It's possible to fool them at the interview. The first date is never a true signal. But time and stress prove who we are. And who our co-workers are. And who our friends and lovers are.

And that's when the necessity of change becomes apparent.

But change is different.

Sure, the spark is internal. An idea. A vision. Something that says, "I can be better." "I can do better."

But real change only happens when we begin to act as we wish to become.

A sculptor doesn't become a sculptor by taking a class. There may be a class involved. But a sculptor sculpts. Every day.

A reader develops a habit of reading. People who pray prioritize a schedule for daily prayers. A runner runs.

But she doesn't just run. She schedules her time and organizes her day so she can run. She goes to bed earlier so that she can wake up earlier so that she can get her run in before the day gets away.

The habit becomes the priority.

Become who you want to be.

Then adjust your schedule, change your priorities, and learn to focus so that that you can.