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Incremental Deliberate Focus

I think about habit a lot. I also read about habit and how to change our habits. A lot.

So, I do write about habit in this space. Maybe a lot.

I'm not writing anything new or groundbreaking. The research has been done (and is ongoing). A lot of people write and think about habits. (I recommend starting with this book.) Especially in the leadership and productivity space. There's a lot out there.

There are three concentrations when it comes to habit change and personal transformation through the power of habit.


Renee' and I are starting a gym habit together. Every weekday. But we're not starting with long training sessions. The plan now is to schedule a time, go, and move. That's all. Little by little, we'll add what we feel we need until it's a ritual. The big goals are not as important as the incremental changes you make in getting there. Set goals that are impossible not to keep. Read one page. Pray for 5 minutes. Do it every day. The change comes. Incrementally.


Practice doesn't make perfect. Slow and steady does not win the race. Intentional practice makes perfect. Deliberated and consistent effort will win the race. Life lived without aim or intent only accomplishes things by accident. While there may be the occasional surprise along the way, this can be a frustrating way to live. Be intentional. Know your why.


Don't attempt to change everything at once. Take on "focus areas". Build on what you begin. Don't attempt to make a gym habit and a writing habit and a prayer habit all at the same time. Take on one area. Focus. Be deliberate. Build incrementally. Then ease into another area. Focus. Be deliberate. Build incrementally.

Building habit requires incremental deliberate focus.

But maybe most importantly, do what Seth said to do in his blog today.